It can be difficult to make plans for the holiday season that are both rewarding and entertaining, but there is a way to achieve this without having to sign up for dozens of activities. Christian camps are often on the lookout for camp leaders to guide their campers and provide them with a fun and exciting time, and it is the perfect way to spend your own holiday period. 

You should become a camp leader  if you uphold the same values of the camp and have a passion for helping younger children. You will also find yourself making memorable friendships with the other camp leaders, as well as further enhancing your own Chrisitan values. If you are not sure whether becoming a camp leader is for you, below we give some reasons as to why you should give it a try this holiday. 


Build Great Relationships


One of the main reasons why you should become a camp leader at a Christian camp is that you will be able to build great relationships with the other camp leaders and the campers. You will be spending the entire time with the same group of people, sharing positive experiences, and building bonds based on these. 

The campers will come to respect you and enjoy your company, and these relationships will only be strengthened over every camp that you attend. Christian camp friendships will last for years to come, no matter whether you are a camp leader every year or not. 


Loads Of Lessons Learnt


Another major benefit of being a camp leader is that you will learn a lot of important lessons about yourself, about others, and about your Christian faith. The activities that you take part in will often include both outdoor and indoor activities, including time to read the Bible and think about your own faith at the same time. 

You will also learn how to interact with others and improve your own social etiquette, as you will be in charge of a group of campers as a camp leader. After a few weeks with these campers, you will find that your leadership style has improved and that you are better at understanding others. 


Access To The Outdoors


Many camps take place outdoors, and for those who might not be able to go outside much during the holidays, becoming a camp leader can provide you with access to the outdoors. You will be able to spend time with other like-minded people exploring the outdoors and taking part in fun activities. 

Being outdoors also allows you to connect with nature and the beauty of God’s creation. It can help you to appreciate your faith and teach others to do the same. As a camp leader, if you are more introverted, being outdoors and taking part in outdoor activities can help you to open up and engage with others more as you will all be enjoying fresh air and fun. 


You Will Become A Role Model


As a camp leader, you will be in charge of a group of young people and you will have the chance to become a role model to them. You will be able to provide them with advice on problems they might have and you can help them with any activities they might be unsure of taking part in.

Not only will you be a role model to someone else, this can be very rewarding for you and for your own confidence. Leading others can help you to hone your own leadership skills for future endeavours, such as internships and careers. As a Christian role model, you will be able to help guide your campers and improve their relationship with Jesus Christ, too. 


Final Thoughts


Becoming a camp leader not only allows you to make a difference in other people’s lives, but you will also find your own life and mindset improved. You can build great relationships with other campers and camp leaders that will last for years to come, you will learn lessons about yourself and about others, and you will have access to the outdoors and fresh air. 

If you would like to enjoy these benefits and more as a camp leader, contact Camp Escape today to find out what we can offer you.