Being a camp group leader or camp counsellor might not sound like the way you want to spend your holiday, but it can be a highly rewarding experience. You will be able to spend your days working with and interacting with children who look up to you for guidance, and you will not be left sitting at home with nothing to do when your high school or university holidays roll around. 

When you are applying to become a camp group leader there are some aspects to consider. You should prepare mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually before you apply to become a camp group leader. Emotional and spiritual preparation can be done in the form of reading your Bible and researching what reflecting on how you handle stressful situations. 

If you are not sure what to expect from being a camp group leader, below we give some helpful advice. 

Prepare Yourself Before Camp

Your expectations will be met and exceeded as a camp group leader if you take the time to prepare yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You will need to remember that you are going to be in charge of a group of children who might not always thank you for your efforts, but this should not deter you from trying your best. 

You will need to be physically fit to be a camp group leader, as you will be taking part in the activities with the campers. Going to the gym or taking up a sport like jogging before the camp dates start will help to ensure that you are as fit as possible before it begins. Your emotional and spiritual preparation can come in the form of reading your favourite Bible passages and attending workshops at your church to prepare for the questions your campers might have. 

Start Packing Ahead Of Time

Once you have been selected as a camp group leader, you will need to start packing at least two weeks before you are due to leave for the camp. Be sure to pack essential items such as toiletries and any medicine you might need in easy-to-access bags, and then move on to packing items such as your Bible, a journal and stationery. 

You will receive a list of the types of clothes and shoes you should bring along with you, and these will likely depend on the season when the camp is taking place. Be sure to bring along a waterproof jacket in both summer and winter, as the weather can be unpredictable at times. If you have any activities planned for your campers, be sure to bring these along too so you are prepared. 

You Will Meet Different People

One of the benefits of becoming a camp group leader is that you will meet a diverse array of people from all walks of life. If you are a quiet person, this can be intimidating at first, as meeting new people can be a lot to take in. After the first week as a camp group leader, however, you will soon be more at ease with the new people you have met. 

One way to make this easier is to be open-minded and ask questions when interacting with fellow camp group leaders. You might learn that they have similar interests to you or that they had the same fears about making friends as a camp group leader. One aspect you will all have in common is a close relationship with Jesus Christ, which can lead to strong bonds and long-lasting friendships. 

You Will Be Very Busy

As a camp group leader, you are in charge of a group or groups of campers, which means that you will be very busy for most of the day. You will need to have high levels of energy and be able to think on the spot, especially if you are asked difficult questions by campers. If you are not used to this in your daily life, you will need to keep this in mind. 

While it is true that you will be quite busy, you will also be spending your time bonding with campers and other camp leaders, which can be very rewarding. During your free time, you can wind down and relax, planning your next activities or reading over your favourite Bible verses. If you are excited by any of the above prospects and want to become a camp group leader, contact Camp Escape today to find out about our programme.