Going on an adventure youth camp is exciting for everyone involved. You will be able to interact with friends from previous camps and even make new friends with people who might be new to the camp. If you are the newbie in the adventure youth camp crowd, you might be wondering what activities you can expect to take part in. There are several to choose from, including both indoor and outdoor activities.

When you are attending an adventure youth camp you should prepare for outdoor activities as well as indoor time spent reading the Bible and worshipping together. Pack comfortable clothes for these activities and be sure to bring along notebooks and pens for the indoor options. Below we list just some of the exciting activities you can expect from an adventure youth camp.


Ice Breaker Activities


Getting to know the other campers who are at your adventure youth camp is important, and this will usually be done with some fun icebreaker activities. For example, you might be asked to stand in a circle and repeat what the person next to you has said and add onto the sentence to tell a story, or you might play a game like Duck Duck Goose and ask whoever is chosen to be the “goose” to share a fact about themselves with the group. These activities are designed not to be scary but to allow you to get to know other campers in a fun way.


Team Building Activities


Team building activities are used to strengthen the bonds between you and the other campers in your specific group. At an adventure youth camp, you will likely be divided into groups of four or more for the duration and led by camp leaders. Team building activities can be outdoor activities such as having relay races against other teams or you might be asked to take part in a quiz about specific Bible verses and happenings. Team building activities help everyone to open up and get to know each other, making for a more rounded adventure youth camp experience.


Bible Activities


Some of the main types of activities you will be taking part in at an adventure youth camp are Bible activities. Now, this might sound more like studying than fun but the activities are created to be both educational and entertaining. Some of the Bible activities might include quizzes about popular Bible verses, analyse specific sections with regard to how they affect the youth of today, and simply sitting and reading together for a deeper understanding.


Indoor Activities


When the weather is cold or if there is no ample outdoor space for activities, you will likely take part in indoor activities. These can include fun games that involve moving your body and being active. You might play a game of volleyball or basketball, or you could play tag with members of your group. Indoor activities tend to be less rough and tumble because the flooring is harder but this does not make them any less enjoyable. Your camp leaders will watch over you during these activities to make sure that you are not injured while playing indoors.


Outdoor Activities


An adventure youth camp is no adventure without some fun outdoor activities for you to take part in. You will find that there are different levels of skills and abilities involved in these activities and they will likely be divided into different age groups. You might find yourself enjoying rock climbing with your peers, or preferring canoeing down exciting paths in a nearby river. The activities are designed to be safe but still exciting, so be sure to take part in a few of these.


All About Adventure


An adventure youth camp provides a diverse range of activities to take part in. You will have fun with icebreaker activities and getting to know one another, and you will find team building activities can help you to develop a deeper understanding of your peers. Bible and indoor activities allow for more introspection and time with your thoughts, for a more rounded experience.

If you want to take part in an adventure youth camp like no other, contact Camp Escape today for more information about our offerings.