We are a group of people that love what we do and do what we love....

and even better than that is the fact that we do it for the One we love most. 

We live expectantly, run with passion and bring glory to our King - Jesus Christ. Camp Escape have become part of our lives and as one young person have said it so well - once a Camp Escaper always a Camp Escaper!!!

"We have realized that as long as we stay at HIS feet and follow him where He leads us there will be victories and wars will be won. Every individual brings something to that particular year's camp that is important. Over the past 13 years we have fallen by our mistakes, we got up again and dusted our knees off. Okay Lord, we messed up again, please forgive us and show us the way. Jesus has ALWAYS showed us the way."  

                                                                      - director - 

Camp Escape does not belong to the organizers or to any person, it belongs to Jesus Christ and we are only Noble Subjects of our Great King. 

He entrusted Camp Escape to us. Obedience to Him is the highest calling and it brings the greatest joy.  The things we love are: # we love working with your teenagers # we love obeying Jesus Christ # we love seeing the enemy losing ground # we love to bring ALL the glory to our King