A true leader is one who is humble enough to admit their mistakes.
— Unknown

So you have been playing among the chickens?                                              

Okay okay, maybe not that drastic but this space is for Young Adults that has finished with school and would like to

become an Eagle.

An eagle??? Jip - Leaders are called Eagles on Camp Escape. 

Do you want to get involved with Camp Escape that is especially created for smart young people?

 "'n Lewensveranderende, bevrydende, "refreshing", flippen "amazing" ervaring...  As jy nog nie die voorreg gehad het om 'n Eagle te wees nie, sal jy sukkel om verstaan waaroor oud-eagles so aangaan.  Ek wens elke persoon kan iewers in sy / haar lewe die voorreg hê om 'n week Camp Escape by te woon.  Om te leef, eet, slaap, "bond", lag, kuier, droom, kattekwaad te doen (... haha, sorry Ria !!!) saam met 'n groep kampers..., dis 'n ervaring wat ek vir niks sal verruil nie!!" DC Maree (Eagle)


        Some requirements:

ü             Older than 18 years

ü          Fun, cool and exciting personality...

ü          Love working with young people (14 - 18 years)

ü          Organized and committed

ü          Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

ü          Want to be part of the coolest group of people ever!

ü         Once chosen – you need to attend the compulsory Eagles camp (you don't want to miss
          this either - #whoohoo)

ü             Eagles camp | 27 - 30 April 2018

ü            You will also have to attend meetings every few weeks where we discuss the program etc.

Then Camp Escape is for you


Admin & Costs: [accommodation, programs, activities]

         Admin fee: Non refundable - once off - R70 with Eagle's form submission.

       Ref: Eagle: your name


Please note if you are making a cash deposit into our accounts

please add R30 Bank handling fee.


 ü           Other costs - 2 camps: R705 (Eagles camp + June CE)

          Split payment:

          1st payment by 31 March 2018 (Minimum payment of R355) Ref: Eagle: your name
          2nd payment by 31 May 2018 (R350) Ref: Eagle: your name

         FULL payment:  If you pay the full amount by the 31 March you only pay R655.

No refunds will be given if you withdraw after being chosen as an Eagle and you attended the Eagle camp.

Banking details:

Account: Camp Escape
Bank: FNB
Account number: 62523753681
Branch: 250-655

REFERENCE:  Eagle - your name & surname

If you are interested please pay the once off non refundable admin fee of R70 into our account and send the proof of payment to bestuur@campescape.co.za also apply at the bottom of this page and book your interview slot.

Important dates |  Meeting dates 2018:

April: 24 April 2018     +    Eagles weekend: 27- 30  April     

May: 6 & 20 May            June: 3, 17, 19 & 26       

                         Eagles Testimonial

"Being an Eagle was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. We had SO much fun!  The campers are hungry to talk to someone that they can trust, and that's exactly where Jesus is using you to make a difference.  The best part is to know that God is using you to plant seeds into young peoples life -  our next generation.  Camp Escape is life-changing, not only for the campers, but also for the Eagles!"Nadia Pretorius (Eagle)

"Van begin tot einde is camp escape onbeskryflik opwindend! Dis wonderlik om saam met 'n briljante span te kan bedien en jy groei deur almal om jou, ek het beslis 'n sterker persoon geword. Ons leer vaardighede, sodat ons "achievers" in die wedloop van die lewe kan wees! Once a camp escaper, always a camp escaper."   -Chanel Barnard (Eagle)