With so many options for camps out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your children. Holiday camps have their merits and provide fun activities for your children, but if you want something more enriching and worthwhile, Christian camps might be the right choice for you. Telling the difference can be tricky, but there are some aspects that are quite different. 

When you are looking at Christian camps there are considerations to take into account. Chrisitan camps will incorporate devotion and Bible research into their daily activities, and will offer lessons, quiet time, and worship session. This does not mean that there will not be any fun activities, but a Christian camp will have more focus on building a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. 

Below are more of the differences you will find between Christian camps and normal holiday camps. 


Day Activity Differences

At holiday camps, the daily activities will likely include going rafting in a local dam or river, taking part in an obstacle course, building structures together and a focus on teamwork. There may also be night-time activities where children will play games when the evenings are warmer. Now, Christian camps may also have similar activities, but there will be a focus on a Godly education and interaction. 

If younger children are at these Christian camps, there will be lessons about the basics of Christianity and the Bible, while camps for teenagers and slightly older children will look more at building their identities and reconciling their faith with what the Bible tells us. These lessons will form part of the day-time activities but most of the time it will be fun and interactive.  


Night Activity Differences


As well as there being differences in the daytime activities, the night-time activities will differ too. While holiday camps offer activities such as singing contests, cooking competitions, and mini-games, Christian camps choose this as a time of inner reflection and worship time to share from God’s word. 

The night time is also when Christian camps encourage the campers to come together and relax and get to know one another, without the hustle and bustle of the day getting in the way. The counsellors and spiritual leaders will also spend this time speaking to and getting to know the campers and helping them to answer questions they might have about their faith. 


Differences In Leadership


Holiday camps will still have properly-trained counsellors and leaders in place to care for your children, but the Christian camps will offer counsellors who also have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and an interest in helping your child to forge their own bonds. These counsellors will form strong bonds with the campers as they will be sleeping in the same rooms. 

The leaders of the camp will also provide a different experience to those of regular holiday camps. While there are similarities in them needing to offer a safe space for your children, they will also provide a space where Christian values are maintained and where developing Christians can find their stride. 


Fewer Concerns About Values


While holiday camps are wholesome and provide positive lessons for the children who attend them, you might be concerned about the values that are being shared at the camp. The values that they will be taught at Christian camps are more in line with what your children will have been taught in church or in their youth groups. 

Another benefit of the Christian camps is that the other children will be like-minded, which will help your children to uphold their own Christian values. This spiritual environment will encourage positive values and will also make your children feel more secure in  themselves. Chrisitan camps also encourage your children to be curious about Jesus Christ and his teachings, leading to more rounded views of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Bible. 


Final Thoughts


Holiday camps are a viable option for children to attend, but if you would like a more rounded experience and one that is rooted in the same values you hold, then Christian camps are the better choice. You will find that Christian camps offer fun day-time activities that also include worship sessions and Bible study, which can be enriching and educational for children. 

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