Young is the new green you say. Yeah, but what is young really. 

The world says young is between 1 - 29. 

My parents say young is between 1 - 60. (you will always be my little girl / boy) O my word!!

My grandparents say being young is between 1 - 80. 

I say young is what you believe in. I am older than 25 but younger than 40. People say i look 21. (blushing)

Young is what you make of it. Personally i think the day that you come to terms with your age no matter if it is 15, 26, 32 or 75, young is the new green. So, stop acting your age and enjoy life. I still love nemo and lion king, i laugh with every bit of energy in me and it think outside of the box. 

Stop grumbling about getting OLDER (please note, not OLD) 

Enjoy being you and most of all enjoy your age. 

Chow for now. 

ps: what is the big secret about womens and their age - i truly cannot understand it. ;-)

i am 35